Cathy Bowers BCPA, CP, CSA, MSA, NCG

Cathy F. Bowers, BCPA, CP, CSA, MSA, NCG, founder and president of National Patient Advocate, Inc, helps patients, their families, and other individuals navigate through the healthcare system, advocates on their behalf, and creates personalized plans for the tough challenges that frequently accompany illness or other healthcare concerns. 

When individuals are faced with healthcare challenges, there is not always the time, energy, skill, and/or knowledge to deal with all of the emotional and practical issues that may arise, such as medical care and treatment, end-of-life decisions, insurance, finances, family dynamics, and more. Retaining the support and guidance of Cathy in her multiple roles as patient advocate, guardian, mediator, and care manager helps to minimize the burden from the patient who instead should be focusing on his or her recovery.

Cathy’s entrepreneurial, corporate, and nonprofit experience are key factors that contribute to successful outcomes for her clients. Her vast knowledge of community, social service, and political resources allows Cathy to offer a range of options for individuals/families to help reach their goals. She understands the challenges of the healthcare system from the provider and 

consumer perspective, thereby enabling fair and balanced decision-making. Cathy’s top priorities are helping to reduce medical errors and focusing on the optimum well-being of her clients.

As a “change agent”, Cathy brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience to the communities in which she has lived and worked and to the clients she loyally serves. She stays abreast of current issues by frequently attending meetings, conferences, lectures, workshops, and other educational and networking events related to the health and social services industry.

Cathy partners with attorneys, insurance/financial advisors, CPA’s, healthcare providers, and other professionals in allied services. Through her wide network of contacts, Cathy is considered a “referral specialist” by helping to connect clients and colleagues with other individuals or service providers. She is often called upon to participate on task forces/committees, to facilitate webinars, and to speak at various engagements.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Cathy received her BS in Social Welfare Cum Laude from State University of New York at Buffalo and her MSA in Public Administration/Management from Georgia College. She now makes her home in Plantation, Florida.