Cathy F. Bowers, CSA, MSA, NCG, owner and president of National Patient Advocate Inc,
works with patients and other individuals to navigate through the healthcare system, to advocate on their behalf,
and to create personalized plans for the tough challenges that frequently accompany
an illness. 

When faced with illness or other healthcare concerns, there is not always the time, energy, skill, and/or knowledge
to deal with all of the emotional and practical issues that may arise,
such as medical care and treatment, end of life decisions, insurance, finances, family dynamics, and more.
Retaining the support and guidance of a Patient Advocate to handle these matters
helps to minimize the burden from the patient who instead should be focusing on his or her recovery.

As a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Nationally Certified Guardian (NCG), Geriatric Care Manager (GCM),
and graduate of the University of Miami's Alfus Patient Advocacy Certificate Program,
Cathy's top priorities are helping to reduce medical errors and focusing on the optimum well-being of her clients.

Cathy partners with Attorneys, CPA's, Insurance/Financial Advisors, Healthcare Providers,
and other Professionals in allied services. 

Cathy F. Bowers, CSA, MSA, NCG 
National Patient Advocate Inc
tel/fax 954.792.1330
6919 W. Broward Blvd, Suite 182, Plantation, FL 33317



National Patient Advocate Inc does not replace the care of licensed healthcare providers or legal advisors.
Information shared by National Patient Advocate is not intended as legal advice or as a diagnosis or treatment of disease.
Always seek medical advice and review any protocol with your qualified medical team.


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